Judith Linsenberg, recorder
Elizabeth Blumenstock, baroque violin
Charles Sherman, harpsichord

Josh Lee, viola da gamba

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San Francisco’s Sizzling Baroque Ensemble

"The performances were little short of sensational. William Byrd’s Volta... was a lively piece for solo harpsichord, expertly played by Charles Sherman... Judith Linsenberg led the performance of Robert Johnson’s The Fairey Masque, with its sudden starts, stops, and changes of musical character, with virtuosity and wit. (The astonishing ornamentations that she played in many of the tunes was quite breath-taking throughout.)

"Elizabeth Blumenstock performed a single movement from a violin sonata by Francesco Maria Veracini (Op. 2, No. 9), who spent many years in England. This little-known piece offered perhaps the single biggest surprise of the entire program....

"The effect was that of hearing a very Italian sounding piece of music that suddenly jumped geographical boundaries, from Veracini’s home town of Florence to the Scottish border, with lively indications of dance tune and the 'Scotch snap' invading the rhythm. The soloist performed this to a fare-thee-well, bringing down the house with loud cheers." (Read more on the Musical Intelligencer website, or listen to the full Dancing in the Isles album!)

Sparks fly when these high-energy performers get together! Musica Pacifica combines world-class musicianship with a spirited and communicative performing style and brings exuberant vitality to the intimate chamber music of the Baroque. An evening with Musica Pacifica spotlights the unique talents of each musician and combines them in diverse groupings within the ensemble, creating an ever-changing palette of instrumental color.

"Ms. Linsenberg is a recorder player who possesses some astounding virtuosic technique…" —William Fazekas,, April 20, 2011

"The effect was transporting — a small miracle of precision and musical electricity." —Washington Post

“ravishingly beautiful . . .warm, expressive, and intensely alive to every nuance, this is playing to ravish the senses.” — Fanfare Magazine

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Dancing In The Isle CD

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