Musica Pacifica  





“ . . . Ravishingly beautiful . . .warm, expressive, and intensely alive to every nuance, this is playing to ravish the senses . . .” - Fanfare Magazine, January/February 1998

* * * * * - 5 stars - Highest rating   “By turns languorous and affectful and irresistibly sparkling. . . their elegant, stylish, and thankfully unmannered performances are all one could wish.” -- Goldberg Magazine (Spain), Spring 1998

CD of the Month - September 1997   “This is the crème de la crème of the West Coast early music scene . . . a world-class performance: light, relaxed and heartily refreshing.” -- Alte Musik Aktuell (Germany)

* * * * * - 5 stars - Highest rating   “There is a real sparkle both in these performances and in the way they have been recorded.” - Classic CD, November 1997

“Musica Pacifica’s ensemble playing is extremely well-polished and impressively precise--nimble but also graceful, perfectly matched in timbre, and beautifully phrased. Judith Linsenberg is simply ravishing on recorder. Her passagework is superb, technically flawless, but never lifeless, and the slow movements are lusciously indulgent, without being cloying. Gonzalo Ruiz’ oboe playing is incredibly expressive, almost vocal at times, but also capable of an easy agility that sounds almost effortless. Elizabeth Blumenstock has a rich, warm, sound, with a lightness and grace that always ‘breathes’ with the wind players, and flawless intonation.

"Musica Pacifica’s recording of the Pièces en trio is the quintessence of the French Baroque--two and a quarter hours of pure pleasure!” - Boston Early Music News, May 1998

“The playing is stylish and assured, full of mordant touches.” - Early Music, August 1997