Musica Pacifica  












* * * * - 4 stars    "Linsenberg has done a fine job of transcribing the sonatas for the group, who play them with a captivating freshness and sparkle, while investing the slow movements with a dreamy enchantment. . . in terms of rhythmic vitality and joie de vivre, Musica Pacifica has the edge.” -- Goldberg Magazine (Spain), Spring 1998

CD of the Month - September, 1996 - Alte Musik Aktuell (Germany)

“Musica Pacifica is made up of some of the finest baroque musicians in America. Their clear, clean sound and preoccupation with music rather than style makes this ensemble one of the best trio sonata ensembles I have heard on disc. . . the playing just couldn't be better!” - American Record Guide, January/February 1997

" . . . A fine debut it is. Linsenberg's playing is flawless-- spirited, clear, beautifully shaped and articulated throughout the whole range of the instrument. She makes the best possible case for her arrangements . . . Blumenstock produces a remarkably straight tone, but warm and convincing."  -- Fanfare Magazine, November/December 1996


* * * - 3 stars - Highest rating   "An outstanding performance and recording in every way. Musica Pacifica is an excellent period-instrument group. Their arrangements of Bach’s organ Trio Sonatas are admirably fresh; Judith Linsenberg, the recorder player who leads the ensemble, plays with fine spirit, while the liveliness of the allegros is matched by striking, often melancholic expressive feeling in slow movements. The recording is first-class.” - The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs Yearbook 1997/8

"This recording . . . is gorgeous. It gives a whole different feeling to the Trio Sonatas. . . The performance is virtuoso . . . The equal to any of the European 'original instruments' recordings, it is all at once energetic, intimate, elegant, delicate. I can't recommend this recording highly enough." --